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Christmas discounts on outdoor escapes are here!

Escape games Christmas giveaway

Christmas is slowly approaching. And of course we have something for you again…20% discount on any outdoor escape game in our eshop . As a bonus, luxury gift voucher with personal dedication according to your wishes will be issued to each game purchased .

You can enjoy the dicount now or arrange Christmas presents with it.

And why is it a great idea to give our game as a present?

  • We have all had a challenging year behind us. A little relaxation and fun is exactly what we need.
  • We will also benefit from fresh air and small warm up for body and brain. (This year mainly for the body, huh?)
  • The outdoor escape game is an excellent opportunity to meet friends and have a great time together. We all have a lot to catch up with.
  • And we will not lie… getting all the Christmas presents by one simple mouse click is just awesome. 🙂

Shared moments filled with laugher are the most beautiful gift. Okay, if you have a sport car, that won’t be a bad present either. But in the meantime, give yourself and your loved ones a fun relaxation, this gift just has to cheer everyone up.

Even in time of lockdowns, politicians supported the outdoor walks. We all need fresh air and nature, we can’t just be closed. But if the situation happens to change and the lockdowns will still be with us, we will automatically extend the validity of vouchers for all games .

20% discount applies to all our escape games purchased up to 13. 12. 2020. Enter the promo code JEDINECNYDAREK and the discount is only yours. To issue a gift voucher, write us at .

We wish you a beautiful and peaceful Christmas.

❤️ Your Hunter Games

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