We are announcing a weekly 1 + 1 offer -> the end the Christmas stress now!
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Weekly 1 + 1 free offer, end the Christmas stress now

Escape games Christmas giveaway

Christmas tension is escalating. They say we should have all presents already …

Hard to say, maybe there’s someone who likes to run around crowded shops, break through with a crowd, desperately trying to cling to the counters and deal with overwhelmed and annoying shop assistants… maybe.

But it sounds like a nightmare to us.

And we can’t let you down in that …

Hunter Games announces a weekly 1 + 1 FREE offer

That is why we have prepared for you THE LAST offer this year.

If you buy one of our escape games from us this week, you will get the second game for free. So you actually get a huge 50% off.

But the best is yet to come…

Why to buy our games as a Christmas present?

The most attractive reason number one: get rid of christmas stress. Now. No crowded shops. You will avoid all the hustle and bustle, order comfortably online and have a gift and a holy peace immediately. Yeah, it’s really worth it, admit it …

And what else?

Because Giving an experience is just great. It is an experience that fills us with life and excitement. Not more rubbish. The gift in the form of an escape game is a great original that will take the recipient on a unique journey full of fun.

So let’s try it a little differently this year.

Give something extra. Donate an escape game and use our 1 + 1 week for free. Arrange two gifts now, or treat yourself and your friends to an adventure as a reward.

How do you get a free game?

Quite simply! Choose a game and after a successful order write us atinfo@hunter.games, which game of equal value you are interested in and we will send you two luxury gift vouchers immediately . The offer is valid until 24. 12. 2019 to 3 p.m.

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