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Our help to escape game providers during a pandemic

Our help to the escape game providers during the pandemic

Dear colleagues,

we know that the situation is critical for most of you. We are sorry that your great escape games have been closed and some may not even reopen again.

That’s why we want to help you. We have a plan B. (And as the right help is also free of charge .)

We are among the happier ones, our escape games are placed outside, without indoor rooms, without staff. Nobody locked us up. Staying in the fresh air is healthy, so only in pairs, but our players can continue playing our games. And since we also run outdoor escape games for other companies, you can create one with us, too.

You can utilize your free time, create a new income and thus save your entire business.

Our games are different from yours, but the basis is the same. Players go through an exciting story and complete tasks, in our case outside by using their mobil phone. At the moment, our games have several interesting advantages for you:

  • You can create a game with us completely free .
  • We usually operate on the basis of commissions from sales, so no initial investment is required with us (only time fot creating the game) and you do not risk anything. However, in solidarity in this situation, you we will not be charged any commission until the end of April next year.
  • Neither establishment or employee is required to sell the games created with us. Not even any equipment. The costs are really zero, everything works on its own.
  • It’s great diversification of sales. And this is suitable not only at this time.
  • Plus, you can still enjoy the Christmas sales. How about selling vouchers for your new outdoor escape game this year? (If you don’t manage to prepare it, it doesn’t matter. Selling in advance also works, and your loyal fans will be happy to support you.)

Join us. Don’t get in a bad mood, you better create an exciting new adventure for your fans with us and maybe save your entire business and discover new resources.

We will be happy to help you with that.

Take a look at our website and write to us info@hunter.games, we will be happy to answer all your questions.

In any case, we wish you a lot of strength,

❤️ Yours Hunter Games

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