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Frequently asked questions

If you’re looking for some answers, this is the right spot, just pick a category and we’ll point you towards the right direction.


What are your games exactly about?

We’re glad you are asking. Our games are similar to stories. You must solve a series of puzzles and tasks in the story in order to complete the journey and to get to the finish line. Every game takes place outdoors, it is location-based, and you play using Hunter Games mobile app on your smartphone.

Do I have to book a date to play?

There is no need for booking a date. You start the game in the mobile app and it is completely up to you and your co-players.

How many friends can make one team?

There is no limitation to that. We recommend a maximum of 6, but hey, if you are a group of 15, it is OK, too.

How to create a team?

Good question! You have two options:


When placing an order, enter your teammates’ emails and we will automatically send them an 8-digit access code.


You don’t have your friends´ email addresses at hand. No problem. We will send the access code to you and you will pass it to your teammates.

Every player must download the Hunter Game mobile app, install it, create an account, and enter the 8-digit access code to load the game.

In case you don’t feel like typing a code, there is a QR code in your email and you or your co-players can scan it from the mobile app.

Can I create the team anytime, or just before the start of the game?

You can set up your team the way described above anytime between placing an order and the planned start of the game.

Is the play time-limited?

No, it is not, however, the objective of the game is to complete it in the shortest time possible.

How long are your games on average?

The length of the games is individual, on average, you can get ready for two hours of fun.

When do I have to start the game? (How long is the purchase valid?)

Games purchased from 1st April to 30th September included must be played within 2 months from the day of purchase. Games purchased between 1st October and 31st March included must be started within 5 months from the day of purchase.

Pay attention to this! Any game that is not started in a given period will be automatically forfeited.

Can I play the game repeatedly?

Nope! That´s not possible. But you can, of course, purchase the same game again.

I started the game by mistake! What can I do?

Well, my friend, we are sorry to hear that. There is no way back now. We cannot refund, stop, or replay any started games.

Can I change the teams after starting the game?

This is truly not possible. There is no way to change the teams after the start.

My phone battery just died while playing. Help!

Never mind. Keep calm. Hopefully, you have a power bank or at least a charger. The game is still on. You may pick up where you left off once your phone is charged. If that´s not an option, you can log under your profile on a different device, or your teammate can finish the game (subject to him being part of your team).

Where do you get the Hunter Games app?

Google Play and AppStore, dear. Our chatty application is waiting there for you, in Czech and in English, and completely free.

Are Hunter Games only in the Czech language?

The offer of games in other languages will expand. You can always find the language of the game on a specific game page in the HG Store.

How do I download/activate my game?

As mentioned above, you need the 8-digit code generated when you place the order.

In case there were no teammates´ emails entered while submitting the order, or in case you want to add another player just before the start, the game is downloaded (and activated) by entering the 8-digit code, or after the QR code is scanned from the app (P.S. All is in your inbox in the order confirmation email!)

What do I need to bring with for the play?

You need to bring a fully charged smart phone. Our platform runs on Android 4.4 and above and iOS 8.0 and above. You will need an internet connection; a power bank can come handy. Better be safe than sorry, right? For some games, pencil and paper are also recommended. Specific requirements for each game are listed on the game page in question.

Do I need an internet connection?

You can download the game prior to the play, e.g. when you are at home, or on Wi-Fi. In case you don´t have mobile data, it does not have to be a problem, however, with no mobile internet connection, you will not be able to track your opponents in real-time. Every team plays separately, to know what’s up, you need to be online. In addition, some tasks are accomplished by searching for information on the Internet. Each game page shows whether or not it can be played completely offline.

The positive thing is that there is no roaming within the European Union anymore. When you are abroad, mobile internet connection is more accessible now, and the same applies to EU citizen coming to the Czech Republic. If you want to play our games, e.g. in Prague, data will cost you exactly the same as in your home country.

Can I play on my own?

Of course, you can. Our games can be played by one person, too.

Do you offer gift and christmas vouchers?

Let us know what type of game or voucher you want us to issue for you at info@huntergam.es. We will do our best.

The game route is not up-to-date, can I submit a query?

Surely, you can. You can submit a query and claim a partial refund. Send us an email at info@huntergam.es. When submitting a claim, follow the recommendation below.

What if I cannot solve the task ahead?

There is a set of clues to every task to help you out. In case the hints won´t help, you can skip a task, but not for free. You will be charged a big time penalty.

How to submit a warranty claim?

Even though we make a maximum effort to avoid these situations, sometimes, submitting a claim is the way to go. Send us an email at info@huntergam.es, tell us your order number and give us brief description of the claim. We will look into it and let you know, how we will handle the situation.

I reached the finish line first, but I’m the runner-up in final results. What´s wrong?

You have probably used hints and that means time penalties. Such are the rules of the game. The final results are determined by total time including the penalties for hints. If you needed a lot of help on the way, it is quite possible your total time is worse and higher than of the team who reached the finish after you not using as many hints.


How much is a game?

First of all, our mobile application is free. The price of each game is listed on the HG Store. The price is calculated for one team and ranges between CZK 800 – CZK 1,200. The number of players in one team is not limited. The more players participate, the lower the price per person.

Where do I find an invoice?

In your email inbox! We will send you the invoice together with the order confirmation.

How do I pay?

You can pay by debit/credit card, via online bank transfer, or with PayPal. We may extend the payment methods, missing any in particular?

Can I pay using regular bank transfer?

Indeed, you can. Contact us at info@huntergam.es. We will issue a proforma invoice. You will receive the 8-digit access code to activate selected game after the payment is credited to our bank account.

Is the online payment processing secure on Hunter Games platform?

We use the most recent SSL encryption and 3D-Secure technology protecting you by two-factor authentication (TFA) where the payment is additionally verified by a code sent to your cell phone. We can never display your debit/credit card details. The only document we receive is a bank verification the payment was successful. Good enough for us!

I need a business invoice for Hunter Games services. How to proceed?

While placing an order, enter your company details. Simple as that.

I have not received the confirmation email with an 8-digit access code. What can I do?

If you have not downloaded the game yet, you do have the right to withdraw within 14 days, however, if you already activated the game with the access code, you cannot withdraw (pursuant to the provision of Section 1837 letter l) of the Civil Code).

How do I proceed when withdrawing from the contract?

Again, send us an email at info@huntergam.es and state the order number. We will check it out and review, whether the game wasn’t downloaded, or started (as mentioned above). In case it wasn’t, you can claim a refund. We will notify you in a timely manner and refund the full price of the game. Refunds will be made through the same payment method as used originally. 


What are your games exactly about?

We’re glad you are asking. Our games are similar to stories. You must solve a series of puzzles and tasks in the story in order to complete the journey and to get to the finish line. Every game takes place outdoors, it is location-based, and you play using Hunter Games mobile app on your smartphone.

I want to organize a special event. Who shall I contact?

Hunter Games! We will handle it. Contact us at info@huntergam.es and we promise to create an extraordinary bespoke experience for you.

Any interesting promotions, offers and new games ahead?

Absolutely! We have a lot of cards up our sleeves. We will expand, update and upgrade our platform gradually. Our plan is to offer testing and promotions on social media. In case you want to stay up to date and be one of the first to know, subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage (footer, on the right). Should it bore you, you can unsubscribe at any time.

What if I don´t like any of your games?

We are sorry to hear that, nevertheless, we are ready for this. You can create one on your own. Check out our “Create a game” page and register as an author. It´s free. You can start creating instantly, and in addition, make some money.

I have never done anything like it. Can I manage? How do you write a game anyway?

After you register as an author, you can access a simple editor to create your game. Our editor is designed for everyone. Even you will be able to do it. It is intuitive, so it will be easy to navigate. After you create the game, you will send it to us, and we will test it and help you to improve it. There is nothing to worry about.

How much do I pay for using your platform?

Author registration and using Hunter Games platform is free, however, you will pay for testing your games. First CZK 2,000 you earn on the commission will go to testers and on testing administration. Find out more in the section “How does testing work?” below.

Can I give the game I created to someone as a present?

Any game is free only throughout testing period. Once a game is released in HG Store, it will be available for a price. If you want to give it to someone, you can, but it will be debited from your commission.

How to determine a sales price?

It is up to you. You set the sale price yourself with regard to the complexity, length, and location of the game, but it may not be lower than the specified minimum of CZK 250 VAT excluded.

How does testing work?

After the game is submitted, it is published in so-called testing mode, where it can be acquired for free by testers. Testers are people who test the game and send feedback to the author. It’s the responsibility of the author to incorporate all their comments. After this process, the game is released in the HG Store.

Anyone can become a tester. All the testers are supervised by the Hunter Games Super Tester. Super Tester is the one who checks if the author has taken in mind all the notes from testers, and takes care of the administration. In case of a dispute in game editing, Super Tester will have the final word. There is no need to worry, this is mainly about creating top quality games that sell. We hope we are on the same page here.

An important part: There are usually 5 testers per game, and for each tested game, they are credited CZK 1,000 in total, so CZK 200 each. Why? Because testing is not only fun! After each task, a question box pops up in the application, and the tester must submit an assessment of difficulty and entertainment level of the tasks, and suggest improvements. From the first CZK 2,000 you earn for each game, CZK 1,000 will go to testers and CZK 1,000 for the administration of testing.

I want to become a tester. What needs to be done?

Awesome! The testing of our games gives you opportunity to play our games for free, plus, we will reward you for it. Contact us at info@huntergam.es. The testing process is described in the section above. We are excited to have you on board. Let´s make the games great again!

I want to work for Hunter Games. What are my options?

We will happily meet up with you and chat about the options. There is never enough of clever and talented minds! You can become an author, tester, or enrich Hunter Games team in an unexpected way. Send us your up to date CV at info@huntergam.es and tell us, why Hunter Games and what exactly can you bring into the game?