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Digital entertainment immersed in real world

Experience your city a whole new way. Invite friends and set off on an adventure. Enter one of the Hunter Games stories, dive in and enjoy the journey towards a victory.

The game is afoot

We are here to entertain you and to fire you up. Hunter Games combine digital technologies & real environment, and keep you off the couch. Our mobile outdoor games give well-known places a new dimension. You learn about your surroundings and tickle your brain as well as your muscles. Enjoy learning with us!



You are in control

Each game is played outdoors in real-time. It is only up to you to decide when you start to play and perform the tasks. Your total time is the essential measure. It not only determines the winner among the teams. The better the time, the more points you gain, and the higher you rank in the leatherboard. Beware of hints, they always bring time penalties.



Play on your own, by all means, but we guarantee you, you will have more fun in a team, with friends or with your family. The prices for the games range from CZK 800 to CZK 1,200 for a team. The more players in the game, the better the price per person. We recommend a maximum of 6 players per team, but there is no set limit. Our games were played by bigger groups as well.



The difficulty of games on the HG store varies. There are no age limitations in general. Simple games may be more fitting for families with children, more complicated ones for experienced hunters or escape-game enthusiasts. All game parameters can be found on the page of each game.


Every player is awarded with points for each completed game. The points are distributed based on the score – time of gameplay , plus time penalties for hints. Gained points are collected in a player´s account and determine the ranking. There are two types of leaderboards – one for each game, and the global leaderboard of top Hunter Games players. The top runners are rewarded with thematic games and other prizes.



Waiting impatiently for our next game release? No need. Check out our game editor. Register as an author and start to create your own adventure.

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