Custom made team building events | Hunter Games

Custom team building events

Give your employees or business partners something special. Let them enjoy an unusual custom-made event created to fit your team building objectives and company culture.

Perfect fit

Let us tailor an experience to measure. Any part of the game, from a theme, location, to its language, can be customized to meet your specific requirements. We will blend in your corporate slang and other aspects of your company culture, and as the cherry on the cake, we will stamp it with your logo. Yes, we do custom-branding!


Great fun

Your needs are unique, your team is original and you aim to educate and push your employees. We will arrange it, plus your people will have tons of fun. They will be surprised, challenged by unexpected tasks and forced to show their strengths and weaknesses.


Team play

Hunter Games are built on the basis of a team play, and that is what makes them a great tool for team building. Players must think, improvise, use their memory, learn, cooperate with other team members and be physically active.


Your way

Our games can be utilized not only as team building activities but also as a part of other corporate events. Use them to conclude a workshop, seminar, an educational event or a business meeting. Show your foreign business partners “things to do in Prague” your own way, and gain some leverage for the next negotiation.


Interested in custom team building? Let us know!